Our Company is Manufacturing Mechanically Engraved Joint less Anilox Rollers. Which is mostly used in, Adhesive Coating, VMCH Coating, Shellac Coating, Wax Coating, Glue Metering, Lamination, Flexo Printing, Paper Industries, Textile Industries, Leather / Raxin Industries
    Our Speciality
  • Copper Plating of required thickness & hardness as per cell Pattern & Depth
  • Machining & Grinding on High Precision Lathe & Grinding.
  • All Dimensions within very close tolerance with turning on high precision lathe.
  • Uniform depth
  • We can Produce Roller Maximum Size- dia 300mm Upto 2 mtr. Length
  • Available following Mesh Screen -: 25, 40, 60, 80, 100, 125, 180, 200, 225, 250, 300

Pattern :

Quadrangular Pyramid Tri-Helical Line
The quad cell is a truncated pyramid. Gives more positive release. Used for printing and coating. Coming to a point at the bottom of the cell. Is the major cell type used in flexographic printing. Used for high viscosity and high volume coating applications.
Quadrangular Pyramid Tri-Helical Line
Sanilox Gravures ensured about quality. The dedicated staff our quality control team ensure regular checking at every stage of production final checking & packaging is done at our well-equipped Anilox Roller Unit to ensure defect free production & shipment.
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